Sustainability at OYAK

Sustainability at OYAK

At OYAK, Sustainability and OHS management is considered as a capacity to create value in increasingly competitive and changing global business lines, economic, environmental and social areas by utilizing and managing the current and future economic, environmental and social risks and opportunities in advance.

OYAK Group assesses its risks arising from climate change by considering its multi-sectoral structure. OYAK Group proactively monitors the impacts on national policies, transformation and changes in low-carbon production and takes the required actions accordingly. With this understanding, the monitoring and management of carbon emissions at OYAK have become a part of the way it does business.

Sustainability at OYAK

Growing every day since it was established in 1961 and extending to a wider geography, OYAK also acts with a vision of adding value to its country while making decisions that will guide potential investments.

While getting prepared for the future, OYAK is aware of its responsibilities against more than 418 thousand members, the society and the environment. Sustainability insight at OYAK is spread with the support of the senior management through a holistic and comprehensive strategy.

Management Approach

As a pension fund which has always devoted itself to continuous improvement by being aware of its responsibilities, OYAK aims to convey the trust built thereby to future generations.

OYAK Ecosystem

The circular economy available in every area of our lives and the use of resources associated with this have brought the necessity of changing the production and consumption habits and the importance of proper waste management into the center of our lives. Sustainable and efficient management of global resources is only possible by using less raw materials, increasing the resource efficiency, reducing the waste generation and recycling the wastes. In addition to all these, resource efficiency not only reduces the operational costs, but also creates a reliable and safe working environment.

Launched on July 26, 2019 at the OYAK Headquarters as the first project of OYAK ecosystem approach, the Zero Waste Project aims at creating a cultural exchange on preventing wastes and resource productivity. In addition to this, it is planned to contribute to the circular economy and resource efficiency primarily by preventing waste generation and subsequently correct waste management practices.

Occupational Health and Safety at OYAK

OYAK supports its experience gained from its deep-rooted history in its continuous development journey in occupational health and safety (OHS) with improvements that would contribute to its development, and increases its OHS knowledge and awareness level with its commitment to common values and principles.

Management Approach

Determining OHS priorities at the OYAK Headquarters, creating a sustainable safety culture and communicating zero accident awareness to all the employees are the cornerstones of OYAK’s OHS management approach. In the OHS activities carried out at OYAK, the objectives observed are creating a healthy and safe environment for all stakeholders, including the employees, internalizing occupational safety as an integral part of all activities, and constantly improving performance and ensuring compliance with internationally accepted standards. In every part of OYAK, healthy and safe work is accepted as the basic principle and priority thanks to the support received from the senior management.

Policy and Strategy

OYAK steers its continuous development journey with its strategies in the light of OYAK Occupational Health and Safety Policy created based on its experience gained from its deep-rooted history.