Quality Policy and Objectives

Quality Policy and Objectives

ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS)

Quality Policy of OYAK is composed of its mission and vision.

Quality Goals

  • To identify investment strategies that will provide its members with a return over the rate of inflation for each period,
  • To ensure the sustainability of the reliability of the institution

constitute the main quality objectives of OYAK.

ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS)

OYAK’s Information Security Management Policy is consisted of offering OYAK’s services uninterruptedly, protecting the IT infrastructure and assets properly against risks and threats, systematically reviewing the ISMS efforts, continuously raising the information security awareness of all employees and business partners by observing the business and legal requirements.

Our Information security policy approach is to provide IT services that will make business processes effective and efficient in line with the ISMS requirements by closely following the new and advancing technologies.

ISO 20000 IT Services Management System (ITSMS)

OYAK’s IT Services Management Policy is consisted of providing the IT services and processes on time and at requested quality in line with OYAK’s business requirements, managing the IT infrastructure effectively and efficiently, ensuring that IT resources are continuously available and are used with a highly available structure at a level meeting the business requirements.

Service management policy aims running the IT infrastructure and IT processes by supporting and improving the business processes, meeting the business requirements of all users and creating user and member satisfaction.