Integrating sustainability into its business strategies and management structure, OYAK Group developed a measurable system by regularly monitoring the sustainability performance related to the Group Companies. For OYAK Group, establishing a link between financial and non-financial values and addressing them as a whole is a critical success factor in sustainability management. In this section, OYAK Group describes its successful sustainability strategy by presenting the environmental, social and financial impact of its operations.

Annual sustainability performance of OYAK Group is shared in the OYAK Group Annual Report.

OYAK Cement Concrete Paper Group Companies reduce the consumption of natural raw materials such as limestone, marl, clay, bauxite and iron ore with the use of alternative raw materials.

One of the best examples of industrial symbiosis in our country is the use of blast furnace slag, which is an output of integrated facilities owned by OYAK Mining Metallurgy Group companies, as an alternative raw material in the production of additive-cement in OYAK Cement Concrete Paper Group Companies.

OYAK Group carries out efforts to ensure the efficient use of water, which is one of the most important natural resources for life, and to prevent the environmental impacts of wastewater caused by the activities. Innovative projects are being developed and implemented for efficient use and recovery of water in the group companies.

Due to its multi-sectoral structure and production capacity, OYAK Group implements a sensitive waste management plan. A full compliance to environmental legislation and other liabilities is ensured in the activities within the scope of waste management.

In OYAK Cement Concrete Paper Group Companies, as a result of using refuse-derived fuels, the consumption of primary fossil resources such as petroleum coke and lignite is decreased and so that carbon emissions are reduced.

OYAK encourages all of its Group Companies to competitive, technology-oriented, and efficiency based investments in order to manage the energy resources in a cost effective manner.

ISO 50001 Energy Management System has been established in OYAK Cement Concrete Paper Group facilities in order to integrate energy efficiency to operational activities and to ensure continuous improvement. With this system, all the topics under energy are systematically monitored, the energy consumption of facilities is managed comprehensively, and the competencies and know-how in this context are increasing day by day with the participation of all employees.

Maintaining stakeholder relations with a bi-directional and participatory structure, OYAK Group's main stakeholder groups are consisted of members, customers, society, shareholders, employees and investors.

OYAK Group shares its good practices with the awareness of the transforming effect of the private sector in the low carbon economy. In order to inform the stakeholders, the sustainability tab in OYAK’s website is continued to be used effectively.

With the changing competition conditions, R&D and innovation are of great importance in ensuring sustainable growth for the business world and governments.

OYAK Group’s structure that is open to innovation and change positively contributes to the creation of an innovation culture. Through the communication, cooperation and learning based approaches in the Group Companies, industry-university collaborations have been established, and different projects have been developed for product diversity and reducing the foreign dependency.

Carrying out efforts to protect biodiversity and to reduce negative impacts with its responsibility to future generations, at all the areas with mining operations, OYAK Group performs the necessary efforts and processes in reclamation of areas where the reserves are depleted and will be abandoned.