Occupational Health and Safety at OYAK Group Companies

Occupational Health and Safety at OYAK Group Companies

OYAK Group Companies support their experience gained from their deep-rooted history in the continuous development journey in occupational health and safety (OHS) with improvements that would contribute to their development, and increase their OHS knowledge and awareness level with their commitment to common values and principles.

Management Approach

Determining OHS priorities at the OYAK Group Companies, creating a sustainable safety culture and communicating zero accident awareness to all the employees are the cornerstones of OYAK’s OHS management approach. In the OHS activities carried out at OYAK Group Companies, the objectives observed are creating a healthy and safe environment for all stakeholders, including the employees, internalizing occupational safety as an integral part of activities, and constantly improving performance and ensuring compliance with internationally accepted standards. Throughout OYAK, healthy and safe work is accepted as the basic principle and priority thanks to the support received from the senior management.

For OYAK Group Companies, “zero accident” is considered as a target that should be adopted not only by the employees but by all stakeholders. Therefore, care is taken to meticulously evaluate the health and safety risks that may arise in the working areas, necessary protection measures are taken, and good practices are pioneered with exemplary facilities in the operating sectors.

In addition to the zero accident target, OHS performance is taken a step further through measurable and challenging targets set in accordance with the multi-sectoral structure.

Policy and Strategy

OYAK Group Companies steer their continuous development journey in the field of OHS with theirs strategies in the light of OYAK Occupational Health and Safety Policy created based on the experience gained from their deep-rooted history.

FOCUS Approach and Performance

With its multi-sectoral structure, OYAK features work areas in different hazard classes. As each sector has occupational health and safety practices, it is focused on spreading the good practices to all the sectors in common grounds.

The subjects to be FOCUSed by all the Group Companies under OYAK are important separately. In addition to this, professionals from all sectors work on common issues to be determined by the group's needs analysis and create guidance documents.

OYAK Group Companies occupational safety professionals to examine all kinds of work accidents with the same methodology is also carried out within the framework of the FOCUS Approach. Gains from accidents are shared with the relevant teams in order to carry out proactive efforts and many accidents/incidents are prevented.