TOTAL Yakıtmatik (Fuelmatic) is now available across whole Turkey with the addition of M Oil Stations

TOTAL Yakıtmatik, the fleet fuel management system of TOTAL Stations -one of the country's leading fuel brands serving under OYAK Group Companies- expands its reach day by day.

TOTAL Yakıtmatik System which is realized by TOTAL Stations and serving to 4,000 fleet customers, provides an efficient process management for all businesses on issues such as cost controlling, reporting, and monitoring by combining car fleet management of the businesses with the new technology solutions. 

TOTAL Yakıtmatik, preferred by all companies regardless of their commercial size in order to manage fuel costs, is used in efficient management of the fleet fuel consumption through kilometer monitoring and by defining limits.

Companies benefiting from TOTAL Yakıtmatik System can buy fuel just by identifying their credit card information to the system online without providing any bank guarantees.

TOTAL Stations, leading the industry by introducing online application method via credit card in 2019, has broken another new ground by implementing a structure which accepts guarantees over more than one bank cards.

TOTAL and M Oil stations, both merged commercially under the name of Güzel Enerji Akaryakıt A.Ş. in March 2020 now join forces in fleet management systems. As TOTAL continues to serve Yakıtmatik service to the customers in its 489 stations, the company also managed to increase the number of stations offering Yakıtmatik service by 22% in the first quarter by integrating 108 M Oil stations in 2021.


Güzel Enerji Akaryakıt A.Ş. Commercial Sales Manager Eser Üzgören expressed his views on TOTAL Yakıtmatik System as follows: "As for the fleet sales, which is an increasing need in the industry and which grows in parallel to that need, the loss of sales since Mart 2020 -the start of the pandemic- has reached up to 50% in April-May period. Although the effect of the pandemic decreased after May, the decline in fleet sales as of 2020 in comparison with the previous year became inevitable. 2020 was a year with volume and margin loss, but as Güzel Enerji Akaryakıt A.Ş., we continued our journey by realizing our sustainable growth targets and projects without changing our plans and losing motivation. Initially by integrating OYAK Group Companies into our Yakıtmatik system, we once again felt the happiness of becoming a part of the OYAK synergy. In addition, we have managed to increase the number of customers visiting our stations by 12% in comparison with the previous year, thanks to the innovative projects we have realized in different fields starting with the summer 2020 and the positive effect of the new customer transfers we have gained. And by February 2021, we have completed the 'M Oil Stations Yakıtmatik System Integration' project which we started in the last October. We feel the joy of offering Yakıtmatik service across nearly whole Turkey with this project. We aim to achieve new successes in 2021 through the achievements we have obtained in 2020."

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TOTAL Stations, which introduced the Turkish fuel industry with many firsts and innovative technologies such as Eurodiesel, mobile payment, and hygiene via ozone, provides quality service and high-performance products to its customers via its wide distribution network.