TOTAL Stations said, “Have Courage to Intervene!”

Güzel Enerji Akaryakıt A.Ş. celebrated the World Day for Safety and Health at Work with the employees of the headquarters, stations, and facilities via video conference due to the pandemic this year, as in the previous year. The celebration aimed to ensure a safe working order in any kind of working environment and to draw attention to safer operations of business activities, and this year’s theme was set as “Have Courage to Intervene!”. The conference underlined the importance of all employees taking an active role in occupational safety issues. It was also mentioned that the measures taken during the Covid-19 process have become vital again due to the recent increase in cases.

On the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, which was celebrated together with office, station, and facility employees through a video conference, Güzel Enerji Akaryakıt A.Ş. senior management evaluated the previous year in terms of occupational safety and health and provided information to employees about the measures that can be taken in pandemic conjuncture. Among the employees of Güzel Enerji Akaryakıt A.Ş., who gathered to spread the culture of safety and health and to share the experiences gained in the fight against Covid-19, the employees who sustained and contributed to the safety culture throughout the year received their awards.

Güzel Enerji Akaryakıt A.Ş. General Manager Yüksel Yılmaz said, “We celebrated this special day via video conference with all our employees to draw attention to safety culture in these tough times throughout the world. Safety and occupational safety culture have always been the most important issue for us. As TOTAL Stations, there are 12 Golden Rules that we have always underlined in terms of safety and occupational safety. These rules are based on experience gained worldwide. This year, with the theme “Have Courage to Intervene!”, we emphasized to all our employees the importance of their feedback on occupational safety and of their determination to stop working at the required locations. We also provided awards and plaques to our employees who have sustained this culture at our facilities and stations throughout the year. We honored our facilities that did not experience any work accident and our colleagues who stood out by contributing to safety and occupational safety in these facilities, as we do every year. The conscious approach and sensitivity of our teams ensure that we act in the best way possible in occupational safety and health. I would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the World Day for Safety and Health at Work of employees from all industries and thank our team members who work with great care within our organization.”

During the meeting, HSE-Q Manager Tolga Kaymaz, who strives to promote the culture of safety and occupational safety within the company, emphasized the importance of the matter saying, “All of our facilities at Güzel Enerji Akaryakıt A.Ş. are certified with the globally accepted HSE-Q management standards. Our company maintained its safe operations in its facilities in 2020 thanks to regular training, extensive drills, and preventive measures. Our goal is to complete 2021 with a zero-day loss work accident without compromising on our 12 Golden Rules and to continue our operations successfully under our regulations and standards. In addition to all these measures, we will continue to inform our employees by prioritizing the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic at our facilities and stations, as it has been for the past year, and we will show the utmost care for the safety and health of our employees.”

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