Strengthening its global market leadership, Akdeniz Chemson makes a US$ 27 million investment

Following the merger of Akdeniz Kimya and Chemson, the group companies operating in the chemical industry, under the brand “Akdeniz Chemson”, OYAK continues to strive for its target to become the world’s largest in the PVC stabilizer industry

Becoming the market leader in Russia with investments made in the last two years, Akdeniz Chemson is establishing a plant in China to increase its market share in China. 

The plant will be built with state-of-the-art technologies with an investment of US$ 27 million and will have an annual production capacity of 60,000 tons. The investment made for meeting the demand in the growing Chinese market stands out as an investment that will strengthen Akdeniz Chemson’s global market leadership.

Following the merger, Akdeniz Chemson, the world’s number one PVC stabilizer company, is making its first investment in China. With the investment to meet the demand in the growing Chinese market, increase production capacity and provide superior quality-oriented service, Akdeniz Chemson is expected to triple its production capacity for the Chinese market in the first phase.

The plant, which will increase the global PVC stabilizer production of Akdeniz Chemson, will be implemented in two phases with an investment of US$ 27 million. The plant aims to produce 30,000 tons with an investment of US$ 17 million in the first phase and will add another 30,000 tons to its production capacity with an investment of US$ 10 million in the second phase. 

The plant will be equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, making a difference in innovation initiatives with its infrastructure, qualified employees, and superior logistics network. With this plant, Akdeniz Chemson will be the pioneer of the calcium zinc stabilizer systems in China.