Renault MAIS and TikTak's agreement for 400 Renault Zoe

Renault MAIS signed the biggest EV sales agreement in Turkey with car sharing company TikTak. TikTak will purchase 400 all-electric Renault Zoe models until December and the models will be included in the operations in Istanbul as of the end of September.

Renault MAIS and TikTak signed an important agreement in order to increase the use and awareness of EV in Turkey. Founded in 2020, TikTak provides urban mobility services to more than 300 thousand members in İstanbul and will now expand its fleet with EV with the purchase of 400 Renault Zoe.

“We believe that this agreement signed with TikTak will contribute to the use of eco-friendly all-electric vehicles meeting all the expectations of the customers, like 3rd generation Zoe, to become more widespread in our country. At Renault, we are among the leading companies in EV technology. Hence, next year Renault Group will launch 3 more EV models. Zoe, our flagship in this field, is among the first models that come to mind in terms of electric cars in our country. Nowadays, the demand towards technology and cost-oriented car sharing has an upward trend. Accordingly, we will keep making cooperations for the upcoming period” says Berk Çağdaş, Renault MAIS CEO.

TikTak’s Founder and CEO Ersan Öztürk has commented that “This deal worth of US$18mn is an important step for the growth as well as electrification of our mobility service. Inline with our ecofriendly mission, we aim to contribute more cleaner air and reduce carbon footprint of our customers. We will continue to invest in EVs and aim to grow our business in other cities within Turkey. Renault is an important business partner of TikTak and we are thrilled to announce this agreement.”