Producing the armor steel of Turkey, Miilux OY presents its state-of-the-art products at IDEF’21 fair

Producing the armor steel of Turkey, Miilux OY will reduce dependence on foreign countries

A company recently acquired by OYAK, Miilux OY is showcasing the cutting-edge products that will eliminate imports at the IDEF’21 Defense Industry Fair. Miilux OY meets Turkey's need for armor steel by producing armor steel and abrasion-resistant steel with an annual output of 38,000 tons, and aims to reduce dependence on foreign markets.

The IDEF’21 International Defense Industry Fair, organized under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey and hosted by the Ministry of National Defense, takes place on August 17-20 at the TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center in Istanbul. Producing armor steel and abrasion-resistant steel for the Turkish defense industry with the aim of reducing dependence on foreign markets, Miilux OY will showcase its cutting-edge products to visitors during the fair. 

In 2019, OYAK acquired the majority stake of Finland-based Miilux OY in line with its s target to produce domestic armor steel. With the acquisition, OYAK established Turkey's first and only flat steel thermal processing plant in Manisa, in addition to the factories in Finland and Poland. Working to meet all of Turkey's need for armor steel, Miilux OY continues its activities with an annual production of 38,000 tons of flat steel made by Erdemir and Isdemir, with the aim of bringing armor steel imports to zero.

With 20 years of experience, Miilux OY produces the highest quality armor steel

Miilux OY, the armor of Turkey, produces Miilux Protection 280T, the armor steel used in the defense industry. This armor steel combat tanks have high toughness and are resistant to blast and shock waves, which are preferred in armored vehicle designs such as armored combat vehicles and armored personnel carriers. Miilux’s Protection 440T is for applications that require puncture, impact and explosion resistance on the side walls and bases of armored vehicles. The Protection 500T is used for side walls, ceilings and turret components of armored vehicles that require forming. The Miilux Protection 600T is the preferred choice for its high-hardness armored vehicle manufacturers as it can be shaped in current add-on and stand-alone designs without any weld-twisting.

Miilux OY continues with its abrasion-resistant steel production with Miilux 400-450-500 products used in abrasion-resistant product designs such as dampers, buckets, attachments and conveyors in the on-board equipment, heavy-duty machinery and mining industries. Miilux OY also continues its R&D efforts for heat-treated high-strength steels.

Miilux OY contributes to the national economy with domestic production and will also increase its exports

Within the scope of OYAK’s global vision, Miilux OY is able to meet all of Turkey's high-strength steel needs, including armor steel, without requiring any external resources. The company continues its operations with the goal of growing both domestically and abroad. Miilux OY provides products to the leading defense companies in Turkey such as BMC, Otokar, FNSS, Nurol Makina, Katmerciler, Roketsan and Aselsan and continues to offer services in Germany, Ukraine, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, South Africa and Nigeria in order to boost their power in the foreign market.

MIILUX OY's booth will be open for visit on at Hall 7, Booth No.710 A in the IDEF’21 Defense Industry Fair between August 17 and 20, 2021.