OYAK started negotiations with Demirören Holding for fuel and autogas distribution companies

OYAK, the largest occupational pension fund of Turkey, started negotiations with Demirören Holding for the acquisition of its operations with the fuel and autogas distribution companies. Operating with the strategy of ‘sustainable growth by focusing on new sectors”, OYAK will conduct comprehensive reviews in the companies.

OYAK started negotiations with Demirören Holding for the acquisition of fuel and autogas operations. Convening with Demirören Holding operating with approximately 900 stations in TOTAL Oil Turkey and M Oil companies, OYAK has initiated a comprehensive due diligence for the acquisition.

OYAK General Manager Erdem: “We scrutinize the opportunities that can contribute to our strategic goals”

OYAK General Manager Süleyman Savaş Erdem stated that they continue their operations with the aim of using resources efficiently, obtaining sustainable maximum return from the assets, and contributing to the country’s economy and said, “As the second largest industrial group of Turkey, we serve to the development of the national economy for 58 years. We continue to take the steps that we see as an opportunity both in our country and in the world. Within the scope of our vision of national industry, higher employment and higher quality and our sustainable growth targets based on positioning ourselves in strategic sectors and ensuring sectoral diversity, we are making moves to carry OYAK to the future. We also consider the fuel distribution sector, which directly affects over 30 main sectors and provides direct employment to approximately 150 thousand people. We will continue to serve to our country's growth and employment targets while providing high quality services to our more than 400 thousand members and bringing real return to their savings through our searches in different business lines.”