OYAK makes a strong entrance to the food industry and applies to the Turkish Competition Authority for Tamek

OYAK entered the food industry strongly with the acquisition of Sagra and has now applied to the Turkish Competition Authority for the approval of Tamek, one of Turkey's well-established brands with 65 years of know-how and experience.

Stating that Tamek and OYAK have taken their food industry goals to the next level and had the opportunity to move into new categories, OYAK General Manager Süleyman Savaş Erdem said, “We will increase our effectiveness in the food industry in light of the strategic steps we have taken with HEKTAŞ in the field of agriculture in the last five years. We will make strong brands like Sagra and Tamek, which have long been reminiscent of the Turkish public, to the position they deserve globally.”

OYAK continues to expand its presence in the food industry, which it attaches strategic importance to in line with its vision of sustainable growth. OYAK acquired Sagra and made a strong entrance to the Turkish food industry with a size of more than TRY 120 billion. In order to make its second strategic move in the industry, OYAK applied to the Turkish Competition Authority for the approval of the 100 percent Turkish-origin food producer Tamek, which was established in Bursa in 1955. 

Following the completion of the acquisition, all assets of Tamek related to the production, sale and marketing of fruit juices, vegetable and fruit concentrates, tomato pastes, ready-to-serve meals, jam, marmalade, ready sauces, boiled products, ketchup, mayonnaise and frozen products, as well as all the shares of Asena Patent Marka Fikri Telif Hakları Danışmanlığı ve Ticaret A.Ş., which owns the remaining brands related to these works, will be taken over by OYAK.

 Erdem: “We will grow together with our stakeholders in domestic and export markets”

OYAK General Manager Süleyman Savaş Erdem emphasized the importance of making new initiatives for the future related to the food industry as well as making a significant investment in the food industry with Tamek, and said, “We are delighted to reap the fruits of our vision in 2017. Tamek is one of the leading brands in our country, especially in the field of fruit juice and tomato paste. We believe that we can create an effective, fast and profitable operation by combining the heritage of the brand and its awareness with the strength of OYAK. We aim to expand Sagra and Tamek brands in line with our strategic vision, increase our market share in Turkey and our export activity, and allow all our stakeholders to grow with us.”

Erdem added that they aim to increase the current market share of Tamek products by two to three times in the short term and by four to five times in the medium term, and said: “About 30 percent of Tamek’s turnover comes from exports. We aim to maintain this ratio. However, if we consider that we aim to increase the turnover by 10 times the current figure in five years, we would also express our expectation for export growth.”

Erdem said, “We contributed to the journey of our products from fields to shelves with the investments we made in HEKTAŞ, a company in the agricultural industry. Now, in the food industry, we have begun to reach out to consumers from the shelf to the consumer. In order to make this adventure healthier, we plan to expand our brands to wider geographies by making significant investments in the supply chain.” 

The fruit juice market has high potential

Tamek made its mark once with the slogan “Tamek’se koy sepete”, and in 1958 saw many firsts such as Turkey's first ketchup and tomato juice and then its first ready-to-serve food and stuffed vegetables production. The fruit juice market, where Tamek entered in 1963 with brown bottles, still has a growth potential in the entire world. Annual consumption of fruit juice per person is 30 liters in Germany and 40 liters in the USA, while it is only 10 liters annually in Turkey. This is why the fruit juice market has a great potential in domestic consumption and offers significant opportunities in exports. Turkey exported nearly $350 million in fruit juice and concentrate to more than 150 countries annually, and exports rose by 24 percent last year. The United States, where one third of the total exports take place, is followed by the Netherlands, South Korea and the United Kingdom. The Turkish snacks, fruit juice and staple food market, which includes Tamek and Sagra, accounts for 35 percent of the total food market with a size of nearly TRY 45 billion.

Tamek: Brand of firsts

1958: Produced Turkey's first ketchup and tomato juice.

1959: Produced the first ready-to-serve food and stuffed vegetables in Turkey.

1963: Produced the first fruit juice.

1974: Produced Turkey's first boiled legumes.

1992: Produced Turkey's first diabetic jam.

1993: Produced Turkey's first tin-boxed fruit juice.

2000: Produced Turkey’s first tomato paste cardboard box.

2006: Produced Turkey's first additive-free and non-protective canned products.

2007: Produced 100 percent orange juice, a first in Turkey, enriched in potassium and heart-friendly.

2014: Used the first Crystal Tetra Pak packaging in fruit juice in Turkey.