OYAK Cement receives “Integrated Management System” Gold Certificate

OYAK Cement, the capacity and market leader in the Turkish cement industry, became the first cement brand in Turkey to be awarded the “Integrated Management System” Gold Certificate from CPC Belgelendirme Muayene Deney Hizmetleri (CPC) for its systems and products after having performed inspections and certification for seven integrated factories, four grinding/packaging facilities, and the head office in 2021.

While developing the areas of use of cement and leading the industry with its principles of efficiency, creativity and profit orientation, OYAK Cement, Turkey's largest cement brand, is making a difference in the industry with its integrated management system. OYAK Cement operates with one head office, seven integrated factories, and four facilities across seven geographical regions of Turkey, and, with the "Multi-Facility" inspection process carried out by the CPC, has successfully completed the certification process of the Integrated Management System covering the TS EN 9001 Quality Management System, TS EN 14001 Environmental Management System, TS ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety System and TS EN 50001 Energy Management System, as well as the certification of the products produced.

Fulfilling the CPC standards with integration in terms of system and product, OYAK Cement became the first cement brand in Turkey to receive the "Integrated Management System" Gold Certificate from the CPC.