New LPG tanker fleet from Güzel Enerji for maximum occupational safety

Güzel Enerji Akaryakıt A.Ş., operating under OYAK Group's Energy Companies, initiated the program of renovating its LPG tanker fleet to further increase its industrial strength.

Safety always has the top spot among the fundamental working principle of Güzel Enerji Akaryakıt A.Ş. and it has gained much more importance after starting to serve under OYAK Group Companies. The LPG tanker fleet renovation program has been realized with an investment of 15 million TL in which 12 tankers of the 45 tanker strong fleet has been renovated. The tankers of the program have the latest technology and were designed and manufactured with every safety factor in mind.

All the tankers are equipped with cameras inside and outside the vehicles. Thus, the safe driving performance of the drivers are evaluated and root cause analyzes are performed in case of an accident. Compliance of unloading activities at the stations are overseen with unannounced monitoring. The tankers periodically receive a quite detailed technical and ADR rules control filter. The main goal of Güzel Enerji Akaryakıt A.Ş. with these practices, which has the occupational safety as its top priority, is to move forward with “Zero accident” in the long term.

Güzel Enerji Akaryakıt A.Ş. General Manager Tolga Işıltan expressed his views on this subject as follows: "As Güzel Enerji Akaryakıt A.Ş., the renovation of our tanker fleet represents an important pillar of our safety culture, which is our top priority. Within this investment, we not only include the newest and safest tankers in our fleet, but also work hard for other elements of our safety culture. We evaluate the safe driving performance of our drivers by using the inside and outside cameras that exist in all our tankers and we seek for an answer to the question of 'How can we do it better?' through root reason analysis in case of possible accidents. At this point, we expect our business partners to show the same effort and we even ask them to work in this direction. Particularly, we are in an intensive cooperation with OMSAN, our biggest business partner, in order to have a safe business and add value. One of our main goals is to have our tankers involved in traffic with 'Zero accident'. We are glad to realize innovative breakthroughs day by day in terms of safety and improvement studies."

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