Isdemir, the cornerstone of the Turkish industry, is 51 years old!

Turkey's only and largest integrated plant capable of producing long and flat steel at the same time, Isdemir celebrates its 51st anniversary.  Sustaining to be the pioneer of the sector by focusing on capacity increase, Isdemir continues to be the shining star of Iskenderun and Turkish industry since the day it was founded.

Isdemir, one of OYAK's Mining Metallurgy companies, continues to contribute to the national economy as one of the locomotive forces of the Turkish industry since it was founded in 1970. Contributing to the global production with a production capacity of 5.8 million tons/year of liquid steel, 3.5 million tons/year of flat products, 0.6 million tons/year of coil and 2.5 million tons/year of billet in Turkey's largest iron and steel factory, Isdemir plays an important role in increasing the flat product production capacity, which is vital for the development of the Turkish steel industry. In addition to billets, coils, hot rolled coils and slabs, Isdemir also produces by-products such as coke, oxygen, nitrogen, argon, ammonium sulfate, granulated slag, tar and benzole. Isdemir also has a market share of 18 percent, especially in the export of coil and billet products. 

Side by side with the people of Iskenderun for 51 years

Isdemir, the third largest integrated iron and steel factory in Turkey as of its establishment date and the largest in terms of long product production capacity, has been supporting the people of Iskenderun and its people for 51 years. Providing basic input to many sectors such as pipe manufacturing, shipbuilding, construction, pressure vessels and boilers, general construction, land and railway vehicles, Isdemir continues to provide benefits to Iskenderun with its ongoing investments and to be the pioneer of the sector by focusing on increasing its capacity.

In addition to developing the region economically, Isdemir fulfill its responsibilities towards the region by supporting the people of Iskenderun with projects such as Children's Traffic Education Park and disinfectant support to schools.

In addition to this, Isdemir's steel works, which were awarded in the 6th Erdemir Steel and Life Sculpture Competition and were deemed worthy of exhibition, were displayed in the exhibitions at Istanbul and Kdz. Ereğli, and will be displayed in the garden of Isdemir Guesthouse between October 4-11. 

Continues to increase its capacity

Celebrating its 51st year, Isdemir continues to increase its capacity while maintaining the production strength. In the first half of 2021, Isdemir developed four new product qualities in long products and increased the number of long products to 316, and there are 229 product qualities in flat products. Temporary acceptance of the Steel Mill A-B Hall Extension and Crane Projects, which are among the ongoing investments in Isdemir, has been made and these investments have been put into operation. The New Coke Gas Gasometer, another investment, is planned to be commissioned after the tests are completed. In addition to this, engineering and field works continue for the Vacuum Degassing Plant, 3rd Coke Battery Modernization, New Sinter Factory, 1st New Blast Furnace Project, North Sea Filling Area Projects, 3rd Steam Boiler Retubing (Partial Pipe Replacement) and Burner Modification, 1st Blast Furnace Peak Pressure Expansion Turbine (TRT) Project and the Renewal of 1st Dock Ore Unloading Cranes. 

As a result of its pioneering work in the sector, Isdemir succeeded in receiving the second prize in the Hot Flats Category for two consecutive years, in 2019 and 2020, at the Leaders of Steel Export Awards organized by the Turkish Steel Exporters' Association. Isdemir also won the first place in the Industrial Energy Efficiency Project Competition organized by the Energy and Environment Department of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources this year with its “Increasing the Amount of Energy Gained by Operating the TRT System in Engine Mode” Project.