HEKTAŞ starts disinfectant production

HEKTAŞ, a company of OYAK Agriculture Animal Husbandry Group, will contribute to the fight against coronavirus pandemic, which affects the world, with its disinfectant production. Hek-off and Hekpak, the new disinfectant brands of HEKTAŞ, will be launched in April.

HEKTAŞ, a company of OYAK Agriculture Animal Husbandry, started disinfectant production. HEKTAŞ, the leading brand of the agricultural sector, will contribute to the need for hygiene materials with its “Hek-off” and “Hekpak” disinfectants.

The new disinfectants, which HEKTAŞ started to produce, are produced according to the active ingredient content and rates recommended by the Scientific Committee in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Disinfectants will be produced as 15 thousand liters per day in the first stage and will be put into sales in 500 milliliters, 1 liter and 25 liters packages.

Stating that they have updated their production lines according to the social need arising after the virus pandemic, Head of OYAK Agriculture Animal Husbandry Group and HEKTAŞ General Manager Levent Ortakçıer said, “Hygiene is undoubtedly one of the most effective measures against the coronavirus, which affects the entire world and which our country is in struggle with. As HEKTAŞ, we pressed the button for disinfectant production after the R&D process carried out by our engineers.”

Ortakçıer stated that the disinfectants produced contain glycerin and orange oil, and said, “We are ready to increase the capacity of our disinfectant production in the coming days according to the demand. We will do our part in order our country to survive this challenging period in the shortest time and with the minimum damage.”