Great contribution to the “Nationalization Project”: Miilux OY receives domestic production award

Miilux OY, producing the armor steel of Turkey, was honored at IDEF’21 International Defense Industry Fair for its contributions to the “Nationalization Project” by ASELSAN, a pioneering and leading defense technology company. Miilux OY produces armor steel and abrasion-resistant steel with an annual capacity of 38,000 tons and aims to reduce Turkey’s dependence on foreign markets.

Turkey's local armor steel producer Miilux OY presented its cutting-edge technology at the IDEF'21 International Defense Industry Fair and was honored by ASELSAN for its contribution to the “Nationalization Project”. Miilux OY Turkey General Manager Yavuz Yeldan received the award from ASELSAN General Manager Haluk Görgün on behalf of the company. Miilux OY, ASELSAN’s approved domestic armor steel supplier, continues its work with the major defense contractors within the scope of the naturalization efforts of the Presidency of Defense Industries.

Will meet Turkey's need for armor steel

In line with OYAK’s vision to produce Turkey’s domestic armor steel, Miilux OY started its operations in 2019 with the construction of Turkey’s first and only flat steel heat treatment plant in Manisa and, today, it continues to offer armor steel to Turkey. Following the completion of the factory qualification, Miilux OY aims to meet any future domestic demand with an annual production capacity of 38,000 tons. 

Will reduce foreign dependency and boost exports

With its armor steel and abrasion-resistant steel production made using the high-quality flat steel made by OYAK's Mining Metallurgy Companies Erdemir and Isdemir, Miilux OY continues its activities with the objective of eliminating Turkey's dependence on foreign resources in armor steel. In addition to supplying products to the leading companies in the defense industry, the company aims to boost its position in the export markets of countries such as Germany, Ukraine, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, South Africa and Nigeria.