Global step towards seed rehabilitation and animal health: HEKTAŞ decides to acquire Agriventis and Arma İlaç

HEKTAŞ decided to acquire the Australia based Agriventis Technologies, which develops seeds that are resistant to drought - one of the effects of global climate change, and Arma İlaç, which produces veterinary medicinal products at a time when the importance of animal health has increased as much as with the human health in Covid-19 period. In the statement of HEKTAŞ on the Public Disclosure Platform (PDP), it is stated that the company will acquire Arma İlaç completely and 51 percent of Agriventis. Share transfer prices of both companies will be determined by independent appraisal organizations.

HEKTAŞ, one of the OYAK Agriculture Animal Husbandry companies, plans to make two strategic investments in two areas: “drought” due to global climate change affecting the world and “animal health” that has become prominent with Covid-19. HEKTAŞ has decided to acquire Australia based venture capital company Agriventis Technologies Pty Ltd, develops seed that require less water and compatible with all climate conditions, and Arma İlaç, which produces veterinary medical products in the area of animal health. Notifying the PDP of its decision to acquire 51 percent of Agriventis shares and all the shares of Arma İlaç, HEKTAŞ is preparing to reach the global league with two strategic investments. After the share transfer prices of both companies are determined by independent appraisal organizations, the transaction will be closed.    

Purpose is drought-Resistant plant recovery

HEKTAŞ plans to acquire a 51 percent stake in Agriventis, which was established as a venture capital in Australia in 2007. HEKTAŞ will undertake R&D efforts that are not common in Turkey, such as strengthening its international R&D cooperation in seed and developing a wide range of fruitful seeds that can be grown in dry and semi-dry areas. HEKTAŞ will begin producing the Mung Bean primarily through the contracted farming method with Agriventis. In addition to the Mung Beans, Black Sesame will be produced starting from 2021. The rehabilitation activities of the company, of which mustard, chickpeas, beans, lentils, soybeans, rice, and black sesame are among the products developed, will be supported and the registration based trials of existing lines will be started. HEKTAŞ’s long-term goal is to become a global player in the agricultural sector with seeds developed through R&D efforts that shape the industry in order to fight climate change.

Pharmaceutical portfolio to be enhanced for animal health

HEKTAŞ is also making significant strides in the animal husbandry industry. Arma İlaç, which HEKTAŞ plans to acquire, has an annual production capacity of 11 million units. Aiming to enrich its veterinary medical product portfolio through R&D activities as a result of cooperation with Arma İlaç, HEKTAŞ will focus on increasing its strength in animal health and its share in both domestic and international markets. Also, there is a notable concept today: The One Health Concept. The One Health also implies the need for animal health and wellbeing, phytosanitary and environmental protection of human life and health at a high level. In this context, HEKTAŞ sets the Arma İlaç motto as “One Health One Arma" and will accelerate its activities in the field of animal health in 2021.