Ersem, the address of customer-specific high quality steel, is 20 years old

Turkey's largest steel service center, Erdemir Steel Service Center (Ersem) meets the sized flat steel needs of the iron and steel industry. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of its establishment this year, Ersem continues to develop solutions for the needs of its customers in the automotive, white goods, machinery, manufacturing and many other sectors in domestic and at abroad.

Ersem, a member of OYAK's Mining Metallurgy Companies, continues its activities in four production facilities, including Gebze, Karadeniz Ereğli, İskenderun and Manisa, with a total slitting and cut to length capacity of 1 million 950 thousand tons. It safely stocks the steel required by its customers by sizing them in precise tolerances. Delivering the products in the desired quality and dimensions to the desired address on time with special orders and delivery conditions, Ersem provides high standards of service to companies operating in domestic and at abroad in many branches of industry such as automotive and white goods, as well as general machinery and manufacturing, heat, electrical and electronics.

Erdemir offers special solutions to its customers with its quality and assurance

Offering Erdemir quality and assurance to its customers with a proactive approach, Ersem adds value to our country's industry in many areas such as pre- and post-sales technical support, instant sales and delivery from stock, electronic order/stock tracking, logistics support, and acceptance of small volumes and different types of orders. With its expertise in supply chain management, it enables its customers to save resources such as plant, machinery and labor.

In addition to sizing, Ersem also serves as a logistics center in steel service center services. Ersem, which analyzes customer expectations well with customer visits made by its regionally established sales and marketing units, continues to be a preferred supplier in the industry, most importantly, benefiting from the Erdemir’s synergy.

Carrying Erdemir beyond being a steel supplier, Ersem has turned it into a solution partner that provides fast and high-tech solutions to its customers' end-use needs and provides the effective services they need. Ersem also showed a successful performance in meeting the processed material needs of its customers in 2020. Aiming to provide the industry with the highest level of service in 2021, Ersem will increase the operational capabilities and production quality of all its businesses, continue its investments, and continue to differentiate its services by developing new business models. 

Ersem is close to the industrialists with its four facilities

Founded by Turkey's only integrated flat steel producer Erdemir on October 2, 2001 and celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, Ersem meets the expectations of its customers with its annual 150 thousand tons capacity cold slitting line and 100 thousand tons capacity cut to length line in Gebze, with its 700 thousand tons capacity hot rolled steel line in İskenderun, with its 200 thousand tons capacity cut to length line and hot slitting line, 100 thousand tons capacity multi-cut to length, 100 thousand tons capacity angled cut to length, 150 thousand tons capacity hot slitting, 150 thousand tons capacity cold slitting and 150 thousand tons capacity hot slitting in Ereğli, with 150 thousand tons capacity cold slitting in Manisa. 

Ersem has been serving to the Turkish industry for 20 years with three cold cut, two hot slitting, four hot cut to length, one cold cut to length, one cold angle cut to length and one cold multi-length to cut line at its four facilities in Gebze, Ereğli, Iskenderun and Manisa, where the industry is concentrated.