Erdemir, the Lifeblood of Ereğli, the Global Steel Force of Turkey, is 56 Years Old! We Are As Rooted As Plane Tree, and Strong As Steel

“We would like to thank all our stakeholders for joining us on our journey taking our country from steel to the future.”

Erdemir, Turkey's leading steel manufacturer, is celebrating its 56th anniversary. Erdemir has transformed Karadeniz Ereğli into an industrial center and a modern city and has been manufacturing for Turkey since the very first day, and the company continues to work tirelessly to build the future of Turkey with steel.

Erdemir was commissioned on May 15, 1965, with a flat steel manufacturing capacity of 0.4 million tons, in order to manufacture the flat steel that the Turkish industry needed and that could be obtained from abroad.   The launch of Erdemir 56 years ago was a milestone in Turkey's history of industrialization. The existing industrial branches were developed with high-quality flat steel products, which were manufactured in Karadeniz Ereğli and transported to industrial facilities all over the country, while many new business lines were established. Foreign exchange savings have been achieved through domestic flat product manufacturing, and export potential has started to improve. Continuously increasing its capacity and product diversity in line with Turkey's needs and continuing its journey today with a final product capacity of nearly 5 million tons, Erdemir competes with the steel giants of the world on a global scale.

We are Turkey's global steel force!

Erdemir, a subsidiary of OYAK’s Mining Metallurgy Companies, adds value to the Turkish and global economy, particularly in Karadeniz Ereğli where its facilities are located, thanks to its technology, human resources, know-how and large investments. Erdemir has brought Turkey the first R&D Center in the steel industry and has been operating as the first and largest integrated flat steel manufacturer in Turkey for 56 years. 

With a focus on the manufacturing and efficiency of high value-added innovative products, Erdemir maintains its strength in the regional and global markets with its product range that dynamically develops and improves to meet customer expectations. Erdemir manufactures sheet, hot and cold rolled sheet and tin, chrome and zinc coated sheet in global quality standards, as well as supports sectors such as automotive, white goods, pipe profile, rolling, general manufacturing, electrical-electronic, machinery, energy, heat equipment, shipbuilding, defense and packaging by providing basic input. Preferred as a trusted brand in international markets, Erdemir continues its manufacturing operations by taking all necessary measures to protect the health of its employees while pandemic conditions prevail.

Erdemir continues to manufacture for our country, as well as continues its investments. Erdemir has acquired Kümaş Manyezit, the world’s largest mineral operator and the market leader in the refractory industry in Turkey, and strengthens its position as the industry leader with its investment activities. By acquiring this valuable company, which is important for our country and national resources, Erdemir has taken our country to a strategic position in this area with the rich reserves and raw material advantages, and by creating opportunities for our local industrialists in terms of raw materials supply and with the export potential.” 

One of Turkey's leading employers, Erdemir currently employs approximately 5,400 people in Ereğli alone, and continues to contribute to regional employment by employing new hires based on its needs.

It has been contributing to the region since its foundation

Erdemir has been the lifeblood of the region and industry in Karadeniz Ereğli for 56 years. Erdemir considers its social responsibility activities as part of its main business processes and conducts social development activities, particularly in Ereğli and its surroundings. Erdemir prioritizes its contributions in the field of education, and built and delivered seven schools to the Ministry of National Education. Erdemir contributes to the improvement of physical conditions by meeting the technical equipment, maintenance, repair, and training materials demands of educational institutions as much as possible and to activities in science, culture and arts and sports. In the first quarter of this year, Erdemir provided 1,245 tablet computers for disadvantaged students in terms of access to distance education, and helped to address the shortcomings of rural schools under the "My School is Clean" document. Since 2018, Erdemir has been the main sponsor of Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University Space Team Grizu-263 and Turkey's first pocket satellite project since 2018, and has been organizing the "Steel and Life" sculpture competition for six years to emphasize the indispensable place of steel in human life through art and to support art education in Turkey. Erdemir also provides material and equipment to support the academic work of higher education institutions.

Continuing its contribution to the region through social responsibility projects, Erdemir continues with the “Let the Fields Be Ploughed and the Tradition Continue” project, which was launched in 2016 to promote the cultivation of Ottoman Strawberry, which is synonymous with Karadeniz Ereğli, but of which the production has decreased. Erdemir continues to carry out the project “Let the Elpek Cloth Be Woven and Our Cultural Heritage Be Protected”, which was launched to expand the weaving of the “Elpek Cloth", a product unique to Karadeniz Ereğli, and to support the participation of women in economic life.


“We are proud to have a share in Turkey's industrial history and safe future, to serve this unique country, to be a member of Erdemir and to be a part of OYAK Group Companies. We would like to thank all of our stakeholders for accompanying us on this journey from steel to the future. Happy 56th anniversary of Erdemir.”