Disinfectant support from Erdemir Mining to schools in Divriği

In order to protect the health of students and teachers who attend face-to-face education and to ensure that education is continued in healthy conditions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Erdemir Mining delivered 1800 units of disinfectants and masks, 100 units of one-liter disinfectants and 13 hand disinfectant stands to the Divriği District Directorate of National Education for being distributed to schools in the region.

Erdemir Mining, having the Turkey's first and only iron ore pelleting plant, has been implementing measures at the highest level since the first day of the Covid-19 pandemic that affected our country and the world. Supporting schools in Divriği on hygiene, one of the biggest needs of the pandemic process, Erdemir Mining will meet the disinfectant and mask needs of students and teachers who continue their face-to-face education.

Accordingly, a total of 1800 disinfectants and masks, 100 units of one-liter disinfectant and 13 hand disinfectant stands were delivered by Erdemir Mining General Manager Halil Yıldırım to District Director of National Education Melih Sayar and Branch Manager Bilgin Çakmak on Thursday, 14 October for being distributed to 13 schools in the region. Sayar expressed that Erdemir Mining had provided full support in all areas needed related to education and thanked the Erdemir Mining management for their contributions.