Contribution by OYAK Securities and Albaraka Türk to capital markets

OYAK Securities and Albaraka Türk, two leading institutions in the Turkish participation banking and capital markets, have entered into a significant cooperation to contribute to our country's financial ecosystem. Thanks to this cooperation, Albaraka Türk clients will have the opportunity to invest in new products that comply with participation banking, while gaining quick and easy access to capital markets with OYAK Securities.   

Albaraka Türk, Turkey’s first participation bank, and OYAK Securities, having more than 40 years of experience and expertise, have joined their forces. Thanks to this cooperation that will contribute to Turkey's financial ecosystem, Albaraka Türk clients will get quick and easy access to capital markets with OYAK Securities. In addition, a synergy will be established between OYAK Securities and Albaraka Türk regarding the development of new and alternative products that comply with the principles of participation banking.

As part of the collaboration that brings together expertise in participation banking and capital markets, Albaraka clients will be able to do all of their transactions, such as opening an OYAK Securities account, trading shares suitable for participation banking, and participating in initial public offerings, on digital platforms without going to a branch. 

Albaraka Türk General Manager Melikşah Utku stated that they have taken an important step in their clients’ access to capital markets and said, “Our main goal is to develop innovative products that comply with participation banking principles, to expand our client base, and to create value for our country's economy in line with our bank's vision. We have come one step closer to this goal with this new collaboration with OYAK Securities. We have taken every step in our systems to facilitate our clients’ access to capital markets and we continue to develop collaborations accordingly. In this sense, we believe that this cooperation with OYAK Securities will make a great contribution in meeting the demands of our clients. I hope that this cooperation will be beneficial for both parties and our clients.”

OYAK Securities General Manager Erkan Ünal stated that they aim to contribute to both the development of capital markets and the savings of investors by facilitating the access of Turkish clients to the products in the capital market. Ünal said, “OYAK Securities bases its client-focused efforts on our innovative service approach. In this context, we enable investors to diversify their portfolios with innovative products. Thanks to our technological infrastructure, Albaraka Türk clients can easily open accounts and carry out all investment transactions quickly via internet banking. We will continue to contribute to the creation of new investment products compatible with participation banking within the scope of our active product and marketing strategies in the coming period.”