Children will learn by having fun at the Traffic Training Park

The inauguration of the “Children's Traffic Training Park”, launched by İsdemir in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior Directorate General of Provincial Administration, took place with the beginning of the new school year. At the Children’s Traffic Training Park, children of Hatay will have fun, drive a battery-powered car and learn traffic rules and signs. Students from Hatay are expected to show great interest in the Children's Traffic Training Park, which has been brought up for the new school year. 

Efforts on the Children’s Traffic Training Park, which has been launched under the auspices of the Ministry of Interior Directorate General of Provincial Administration, continues at full speed. The children's traffic training parks are intended to educate students about traffic awareness, create awareness, and teach them how to act on traffic signs and lights and what measures should be taken to address the problems encountered. Construction of the Children's Traffic Training Park in Hatay started last year on a 10,000-square meter area in Günyazı Quarter, Antakya with contributions of İsdemir, and the park was inaugurated following the completion of preparations.

The opening ceremony of the “Hatay Governorship Children’s Traffic Training Park” was held on Monday, September 27. Rahmi Doğan, the Governor of Hatay, Mustafa Harputlu, the District Governor of Antakya, Colonel Emrullah Büyük, the Commander of the Gendarmerie in Hatay, Vedat Yavuz, Regional Police Chief in Hatay, İzzettin Yılmaz, Mayor of Antakya, Mesut Keyfli, General Manager of İsdemir, and a protocol from Hatay have attended to the ceremony.

In addition to supporting the construction of the park, İsdemir donated approximately 10 battery-powered cars to the children's traffic training park to contribute to their applied training. Students will have the opportunity to learn traffic rules on specially designed routes and by using battery-powered vehicles. Traffic Training Park provides children the opportunity to practice and includes pedestrian crossings, traffic lights, overpasses, battery-powered cars, and various structures such as buildings, schools and hospitals. During the practical training, trainers will share with them what children should do in traffic, how overpasses will be used, and the purpose of traffic signs and lights.