At TOTAL Stations Energy of Two Hands is much more beautiful now!

TOTAL Stations had already led the way in the fuel industry with its "Energy of Two Hands is Beautiful" corporate social responsibility project realized in 2018 and started serving in sign language at 124 stations in 16 provinces. Now, as the second stage of the project comes to the life, the support for the barrier-free communication is taken one step further with "Video Call Center" service. The new stage of the project is promoted with the released "Applause" commercial film.

Within the scope of the "Energy of Two Hands is Beautiful" project "Video Call Center" service, hearing impaired individuals can connect to "Video Call Center" with ease by clicking on the button at the TOTAL Stations mobile application, or scanning the QR code on the stands in front of the station markets. Thus, they can receive service in TOTAL Stations across Turkey and by TOTAL Stations mobile application whenever day need it in their daily lives. 

In the commercial film of the project which is carried out in collaboration with the Association for Hearing Impaired Educational Activities (IEEFD), a not-so ordinary day of a front-line sales officer is displayed. Sensing that there is a difference in the greetings since early morning, finds the answers to the questions in his mind with the assistance of his hearing-impaired customer. TOTAL Stations, increasing the coverage of its support to the barrier-free communication with this innovative application, once again is leading the way in the industry with "Voice Call Center" that is introduced in the commercial film.

Güzel Enerji Akaryakıt A.Ş. Marketing Director Beril Cabı Günermengi expressed her opinions regarding the second stage of "Energy of Two Hands in Beautiful" project: "Around 4 million hearing impaired individuals live in our country and most of them are driving. Thus, in 2018, we realized "Energy of Two Hands is Better" project in which we teach sign language to our front-line and market staff in our stations to be able to provide quality service whenever they need, to eliminate their communicational difficulties that they may experience in the traffic and the stations, and to create awareness. In the second phase of our project that we have received quite positive reflections at home and abroad, we are proud to take the service we offer to hearing impaired individuals one step further with our "Video Call Center". We are pleased to have produced a solution that they can get support in sign language not only in our stations but in all spheres of life, and that would make their lives even easier."

İEEFD Chair Ebru Akça said, "As in many other industries, hearing impaired individuals are having difficulties in getting service in the fuel industry. In accordance with the feedbacks, we have received from hearing impaired individuals, to minimize the experienced challenges, we are pleased that the project we realized together with TOTAL Stations, "Energy of Two Hands is Beautiful" continues with its second stage in sign language, with "Video Call Center" service. The main purpose of this project is that ensuring hearing impaired individuals, who are not able to hear and speak, can receive service in their own language whether in the station or not, creating a healthy communication environment, and thus forming the awareness that will enable the spread of Sign Language practices within the society. We would like to thank TOTAL family, who has always been with us in realizing this project, for their support to our community."

The film bearing the signature of FCB ARTGROUP, which was shot by taking comprehensive safety and health measures regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, was produced by Kala Film, and directed by Serter Tırmık.

The newest commercial film of TOTAL Stations has started to be broadcasted on television, social media, various digital platforms, and numerous outdoor channels. You can watch the commercial film on the social media accounts of the brand and get detailed information about "Energy of Two Hands is Better" project with by visiting .

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