Food Agriculture

Food Agriculture

Sales and Marketing of Plant Protection, Plant Nutrition Products, Seed and Animal Health, Pet Food and Care Products

One of the fields of activity of OYAK and its Companies is formed of herbal and animal products with increasing importance in each year.

The Turkish economy grew by 1.8 percent annually in 2020, while agriculture was the third largest grown industry with 4.8 percent. In 2020, exports of agricultural products increased by 4.3 percent and reached $24.4 billion compared to the previous year.

With the motto of "The Pioneer of Smart Agriculture", Hektaş, one of our OYAK Agriculture Animal Husbandry, has become the solution partner of our country's agricultural industry in sustainable agricultural production with its knowledge and experience of more than half a century, current products in the fields of plant protection, plant nutrition, seed, and animal health.

The company performs the sales and marketing of more than 400 plant protection, plant nutrition, seeds, animal health, pet food, and pet care products. Hektaş products are marketed through 6 Regional Directorates and around 1700 distribution points.

Formed its animal health department in 2005 and plant nutrition and seed departments in 2017 with the strength it gained from its brand recognition, sector leadership, and widespread sales and distribution network as a result of its long years of work in the agricultural sector, Hektaş, with its internationally recognized certificates and standards, modern production facilities, production capacity and capabilities, powerful infrastructure, logistics, and technical services, continues to increase its support to agriculture in Turkey. Through taking firm steps towards becoming a global company and being a pioneer in smart agriculture applications, Hektaş continues its R&D activities on organomineral fertilizer production and seed breeding.

Within the scope of the Turna project for the nationalization of agricultural technologies, an unmanned aerial vehicle having a wingspan of 2.5 meters and capacity of spraying at UAV-2 status was brought to our country for the first time by HEKTAŞ. The only UAV 2 spraying drone that is registered in Turkey and has a special flight permit belongs to HEKTAŞ. At the same time, in addition to the disease interrogation on the site particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic period, Hektaş offers digital assistant services to farmers through "HEKTAŞ Smart Assistant" mobile application that is continuously upgraded with new features. The company has become a pioneer in the implementation of blockchain technology in the agricultural industry in Turkey. With the Traceable Food Safety Platform project, HEKTAŞ ensured the entire journey of the products from the field to the table be traceable in an irrevocable manner.

HEKTAŞ is getting prepared to direct the country's agriculture with a worldwide project along with the Agricultural Innovation, Training, and Experience Centre that has been established on a land of 60 hectares in Orhangazi district of Bursa province, where it has accelerated its activities in 2020.

Being an online platform exclusively designed for retail customers and launched by the Company as the first in the industry, Hektaş Customer Club continues to create privileges with the motto of "Distinctive Partnership in Agriculture". Basing on a scoring system, the platform has 602 members as of the end of 2020.

Hektaş raised 80 ranks compared to the previous year and settled in 382. rank in "Turkey's Top 500 Industrial Enterprises-2019" list for which the results are announced in 2020 and organized by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO). The Company was ranked 123rd in EBITDA ranking. As a result of the evaluation carried out in the last quarter of 2019, Hektaş was entitled to be included in BIST 50 index in 2020.

Hektaş ranked 382nd, up by 80 ranks year-on-year, in the “Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises 2019” list organized by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO). The company ranked 123rd in the EBITDA ranking. Hektaş has been entitled to enter the BIST 50 index in 2020 as a result of the assessment conducted in 2019.

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