Chemical Industry at a Glance:

• Develops and produces industrial chemical products in 16 integrated plants spread across five continents.
• Is among the world’s largest manufacturers in the PVC industry with an annual production capacity of approximately 360,000 tons of PVC polymer chemical additives.
• Is the world leader in PVC stabilizer production.
• Pioneers the development of special alumina and alumina-based products, and is the main supplier on a global scale with an annual production capacity of more than 615,000 tons.
• Has started to build a carbon black production facility through the partnership established with the Taiwanese International CSRC Investment Holdings Co. Ltd., the world’s sixth largest carbon black producer.

PVC-Stabilizer Industry

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), one of the most commonly used thermoplastic products in the world, is a material that cannot be turned into a final product without additives. One of the most important inputs required for processing PVC, one of the most valuable products of the chemical industry, is stabilizer. Such additives play a decisive role in the manufacturing of PVC-based products, and play a critical role in the development of the final product with desired strength and properties such as color consistency, durability and surface smoothness.

Manufacturing and marketing additives giving properties such as color, flexibility and durability to the PVC-based window and building profiles, pipes, injection products, cable insulation and soft surface coatings, being one of the leading companies in the world in its field and leader in meeting the stabilizer consumption in Turkey, Akdeniz Kimya joined OYAK in 2012, and manufacturing polymer additives used in the production of PVC-based window and building profiles, pipes, injection products, cable insulation and soft surface coatings, Chemson joined the OYAK Chemistry in 2013.

OYAK merged Akdeniz Kimya and Chemson, among of its companies operating in the chemical industry, with all their operations under the Akdeniz Chemson brand in line with its sustainability and profitability goal in the industries it operates in. With this significant merger, Akdeniz Chemson has become the world’s largest company in the PVC stabilizers field, operating on five continents and selling to 110 countries.

In the Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises List of the Istanbul Chamber of Industry for 2020, which was prepared based on the data from 2019, Akdeniz Kimya ranked 255th in the production to sales category.

Almatis was established in the Netherlands to provide high-quality raw materials to the refractory and chemical industries. Following the signing of share purchase agreement in 2015, all shares of Almatis were taken over by OYAK Global Investments BV and Almatis and its subsidiaries were included in the OYAK Companies.

Almatitis processes aluminum oxide (alumina), an aluminum raw material, and produces and sells special alumina.

A Global Brand

Almatis has nine manufacturing centers, six sales offices and six application-product development labs worldwide. In addition to its headquarters in the Netherlands, the Group has four factories in the USA, one in Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, China, and sales offices in Brazil, the USA, Germany, India, Singapore, Japan and China.

World Leader in Alumina Market

With over 100 years of experience in its field, Almatis is the main developer, producer and supplier of alumina-based products with special features. Almatis is the company with the largest alumina product portfolio, producing in nine integrated plants across three continents.
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