Career in OYAK Group Companies

Career in OYAK Group Companies

At OYAK Group Companies, we contribute to the country's economy and financial strength with 35,000 employees in 24 countries around the world.

Human resources business processes of all organizations that support achieving our strategic objectives are carried out with the OYAK Integrated Human Resources Management System. In the system where the OYAK Group Companies are considered as a whole and all processes are conducted with a single approach, all the Group human resources data are redesigned and digitalized under the OYAK Digital HR framework. Designed by the employees of OYAK Group Companies to manage human resources processes that have a support role in strategic decision-making by using the power of digital possibilities more effectively, efficiently and integrated, DigitalHR mobile app enables all employees to access HR systems more effectively, regardless of time and location.

OYAK Group Companies support a common fair, lean, transparent and high performance culture. Job evaluation, remuneration and fringe benefits management practices are carried out effectively from a single center by establishing common strategies and policies and with a holistic job evaluation methodology.

In addition to the training level determined by the job in our recruitment processes, we aim to gain candidates who are open to innovation and change, dynamic, have the potential to improve themselves and their jobs, and are prone to team work.

OYAK Group Companies operating in different sectors and business lines have common human resources vision and policies, but each company individually conducts the recruitment processes with the flexibility of being in different sectors and business lines. Accordingly, the companies determine their need for employees create the candidate pools, and carry out the selection processes within the scope of the standards they set.

OYAK Group Companies accept applications for open positions through its corporate websites, as well as through,,, and Linkedin.