Hektaş Will Explain Smart Agricultural Practices to 15 Thousand Farmers in 250 Villages

This year, Hektaş continues with its smart agriculture mobilization it launched in 2018. Explained the smart agricultural technologies to 10 thousand farmers to date, Hektaş will meet 15 thousand farmers in 2019. Hektaş will travel 25 thousand kilometers during the year, and aims to visit some 250 villages with the Smart Agriculture at the Villages project. Launched at Eskişehir, the first stop in March, the project will visit 38 cities until the end of the year.  

Hektaş, one of the OYAK Group companies, continues with its smart agricultural mobilization, which was launched last year. Reaching out to 10 thousand farmers all around Turkey and sharing the smart agricultural methods with the farmers in 2018, Hektaş started with the visits again to reach more farmers. Departing from Eskişehir in March, Hektaş will make the last visit of the Smart Agriculture at the Villages project to Adıyaman on December 27. With the project that will reach out some 250 villages by traveling 25 thousand kilometers during the year, the farmers will meet with smart agricultural experts and learn about the latest technological developments in agriculture. It’s being planned to reach 15 thousand farmers and 45 thousand visitors within the scope of the project, which aims to prepare the farmers for innovative agricultural technologies and to strengthen the national agriculture.

Started in the Central Anatolia Region in March, the project will travel to the Mediterranean, Marmara, Aegean, Çukurova and GAP regions, respectively. Within the scope of the project, information on the use of remote imaging systems (drone) in agriculture and best agricultural practices will be explained to the farmers and visitors, and activities will be organized for the children.

This year, we've increased the distance which we covered last year by five times.

Speaking about the project, Hektaş General Manager Levent Ortakçıer said, “With this project we launched in 2018, we visited 30 districts in 19 provinces to date and explained why smart agriculture is important, how they can better manage the agricultural processes including technology, and how they can produce more efficiently to more than 10 thousand farmers. Farmers from the regions that we could not visit last year showed a great interest in the project and asked us to share the practices with them. And in this journey we have started faithfully, we have given a new direction to our project to share our knowledge and experience in the sector with all our farmers. This year, we've increased the distance which we covered last year by five times. We will say “right agriculture, right investment” at each and every point of 25 thousand kilometers. As a OYAK Group company, innovation is always our compass. That is why we attach a great importance to ensuring that all of our farmers familiarize with innovative agricultural technologies. At Hektaş, we will have smart agricultural practices, where technology is at the forefront, in our agenda in the coming periods. We will implement projects that contribute to the sector and the country's economy.”