Erdemir Celebrates Its 55th Anniversary

Erdemir, a company of the OYAK Mining Metallurgy Group and one of the most valuable industrial organizations in our country, celebrates its 55th anniversary. Continuing its domestic steel production, Erdemir adds value to the Turkish and world economy for more than half a century.

Erdemir produces sheet, hot and cold rolled sheet and tin, chrome and zinc coated sheet in global quality standards, as well as supports sectors such as automotive, white goods, pipe profile, rolling, general manufacturing, electrical-electronic, machinery, energy, heat equipment, shipbuilding, defense and packaging by providing basic input.

With a corporate approach responsible for the economy, environment and society, Erdemir continues to make significant contributions to the development and employment of its region.

Operating with resolution based on the principle “Towards future with steel” and being the Turkey’s first and largest integrated flat steel producer, Erdemir also operates by increasing its efficiency for paving the way for the industry, diversity of products and services, and production of high added value products by meeting constantly increasing flat steel need of the country with its motto “we get strength from our past, and we assure our future with cooperation”.