5 Awards To The OYAK Mining Metallurgy Group

OYAK Mining Metallurgy Group companies received five awards for their works that make a difference. Erdemir, İsdemir and Ersem received awards at the Efficiency Awards organized by the Ministry of Industry and Technology’s General Directorate of Efficiency, and at the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Competition organized by the Turkish Employers Association of Metal Industries. Erdemir Maden ranked first in the Safest Mining Company category at the Mining Industry Awards organized for the first time in Turkey.

At the Efficiency Awards organized by the Ministry of Industry and Technology’s General Directorate of Efficiency since 2014, Erdemir ranked first in the Large Scale Business / Process Improvement category with its Power Station Optimization Project. With the project carried out with intensive engineering works, Erdemir has executed a work that was implemented in a specific way to the Power Plant and predicts the process behavior with the advanced control system design, which is rarely applied on this scale in the world. In addition to the economic benefits, the project also contributes to the environment by reducing the amount of natural gas used and the carbon dioxide emission.

İsdemir ranked third in the Large Scale Business / Sustainable Production category with the opex project on Increasing the Flat Product Production Through Slab Length Optimization. After the project, different slab lengths were increased and the critical drop of coil weights was prevented by the width-based soft slab length transitions in İsdemir. Works were carried out particularly to bring the materials, which will be subject to coil slicing, edge trimming, rewinding and dye cutting (packed product) operations, with maximum tonnage for production, and then directing them to the required operations. With the increase in production speed of hot rolling mill, the production of flat products has increased, coil and slab manipulation and energy consumption have decreased in addition to the production gain. With this project, it was ensured that the customer satisfaction and customer line efficiency have increased, and the number of sample analyzes were reduced.

Ersem received “Golden Glove” award, and Erdemir received “Golden Recommendation” award

With its project “Do Not Remain Unresponsive” (Tepkisiz Kalma), Ersem ranked first in “Companies Employing 250-499 Employees” category at the 2nd Golden Glove, organized by the Turkish Employers Association of Metal Industries (MESS) and evaluating the best practices contributing to the improvement of occupational health and safety at the workplaces. In its project “Do Not Remain Unresponsive”, Ersem focused on identifying behaviors and situations involving occupational safety risks, responding to these behaviors and situations, sharing these responses with the managers, and thus putting an end to the inappropriate situations and behaviors. The project has been implemented with the aim of providing self-control of the employees for the establishment of an occupational safety culture, keeping the awareness of occupational safety at the highest level all the time, and transforming this awareness into behavior.  

Erdemir's Raw Material Sampling and Preparation Laboratory Ferroli improvement team won an award in the Golden Recommendation competition, where the OHS recommendations submitted by the blue collar employees to their workplaces and the applications they contributed to their development are awarded. Ferroli team reduced the OHS risks with the ferroalloy sifting machine they designed.

Erdemir Maden was selected as the “Safest Mining Company”

Bests of 2018 were selected at the Mining Sector Award Ceremony and Sectoral Vision Meeting based on the theme “Mining for Human”, which brings together several companies operating in the mining industry and which is organized for the first time by the Istanbul Mineral Exporters’ Association with the contributions of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and Ministry of Trade. Erdemir Maden ranked top in the “Safety Mining Company of Turkey” category.