Being a Member of OYAK

Pursuant to the provisions of Law No. 205, all active commissioned officers, contracted officers, military employees, active non-commissioned officers, contracted non-commissioned officers and specialist gendarmeries employed in the Turkish Armed Forces are Compulsory Permanent Members of OYAK.

While specialist privates and all salaried and paid officers and servants employed by the Ministry of National Defense, Gendarmerie General Command and Coast Guard Command, OYAK and the companies which OYAK has more than 50% of the capital may become a Voluntary Permanent Members of OYAK. In addition to this, the members entering into OYAK Pension Benefit System and, in the case of the death of such members, their spouses elected to continue with the system are Voluntary Permanent Members of OYAK

How to be a member?

Membership procedures of Commissioned Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers are performed by OYAK in line with the information sent by the Personnel Department of the relevant Force.

Civil Servants, Specialist Privates and OYAK/Affiliate Employees should complete “OYAK Membership Application Form” available in “Application Forms” section while becoming a member, and then submit this form to OYAK after obtaining the approval from the relevant unit or organization.

Membership starts when the first contribution is received by OYAK.