The Protection of Personal Data

The Protection of Personal Data

Turkish Armed Forces Pension Fund Information Note For Members Regarding Protection And Processing of Personal Data

1. General Information

Turkish Armed Forces Pension Fund (“OYAK” or “Organization”) aims processing of its members’ personal data pursuant to the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law no. 6698 (“PDP Law”) and other legislation. 

We would like to inform you that your personal data, which you have provided/will provide to our Organization as a member of our Organization and/or obtained by our Organization through other means may be recorded, stored, retained, reorganized, shared with the organizations legally authorized to request such personal data, and transferred and assigned to third parties located in domestic or at abroad, classified, processed in other ways set out in the PDP Law and subjected to the other procedures set out in the PDP Law by our Organization as the “Data Controller” 

  • within the scope of the purpose requiring the processing of your personal data and by being connected, limited and restrained with this purpose,
  • by maintaining the accuracy and most current version of the personal data as you have provided to our Organization or being provided to our Organization.

Information Note aims maintaining and improving the activities of our Organization in line with the principles available in the PDP Law.

2. Collection of Personal Data of Members and Collection Method

Our Organization will process your personal data only pursuant to the purposes set out in this Information Note. In case of any change in the purpose of processing your personal data, you will be notified about the situation and a separate permission will be obtained from you in case required by the law. 

Personal data of the members particularly collected and used by OYAK are:

Content of Personal Data

Financial Data Related to Membership: Information such as amount of contribution deduction, lending/housing loan payment information, bank details, IBAN no., Housing Savings Fund, Disability and Death Aid, dividend, reserve and salary information etc. 

Legal Action Data: Information such as name and surname of principal, date, type, case/enforcement details etc.

Communication Data: Phone number, fax number, address, postal code, e-mail address 

Identity Data: Documents such as driver’s license, identity card etc. containing information including name and surname, T.R. ID no., mother’s and father’s name, place and date of birth, military service registry no., gender, photograph, as well as signature details.

Location Data: Information about the house within the scope of housing loan process.

Third Party Data: Information such as TCIP (Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool) company, beneficiary details, house address etc. available on the house insurance issued by TCIP.

Member Transaction Data: Sensitive personal data such as OYAK member number related to the transactions carried out by the member in OYAK, as well as military registry, class, rank, membership data, relevant military force, health and examination details available in the reports submitted to OYAK etc. 

Your personal data is collected through all kinds of information, documents and certificates obtained from public institutions and organizations, as well as from third parties which are submitted before or after the establishment of the membership. 

3. Processing Purposes and Transfer of Personal Data Legal Reasons

Legal basis on processing of your personal data is to fulfill the legal obligations and contractual requirements including, but not limited to, OYAK Law and Land Registry Law. 

Your personal data may be processed by OYAK for, but not limited to, the following purposes.

Personal data is processed, stored and transferred for carrying out the compulsory and voluntary membership processes and notifying the trust department, carrying out the payroll controls, carrying out the salary deduction processes, following up the account activities, carrying out the Housing Loan procedures and relevant mortgage and insurance procedures, carrying out the Lending Service procedures, conducting the member payment procedures, performing the procedures regarding Reserve Officer Service Merging and Service Reclamation, paying Disability Aid and Death Aid in case of death, carrying out the procedures such as Discharge, The Pension Benefit System, Donation Based Pension Income System and Housing Savings Fund, carrying out the dividend procedures, managing the preferences in Organization’s Housing Projects, carrying out land registry, subscription and delivery procedures, benefiting from contracted health and education services, collecting and managing member requests and complaints, carrying out legal processes, lawsuit and enforcement processes, monitoring and fulfilling the requests received through call center, managing the communication processes, providing information within the scope of campaigns, carrying out the internal business processes, inspection and audit activities.

Your personal data will be retained for a reasonable period of time, which is set out in the relevant legislation or which will last until the purpose of processing ceases to exist, but no longer than the period of time required by law.

Data in question may be transferred to the land registry offices for carrying out the mortgage procedures; insurance companies for carrying out the insurance procedures and making the payments in case of death; accountants and treasurers within the scope of carrying out the salary deduction procedures; finance companies and banks for loan payments, reconciliation, The Pension Benefit System payments and any kind of Social Service payments; hospitals for carrying out the Disability Aid processes; construction companies, tax offices, municipalities, other public and private organizations for carrying out the land registry, subscription and delivery procedures within the scope of Organization’s Housing Projects; OYAK Group Companies, business partners, joint ventures, shareholders and their affiliates for benefiting from health and education services, campaigns, and resolution of complaints/requests; and judicial bodies and enforcement offices for carrying out the judicial processes.

Your personal data may be transferred to the trust departments in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) for carrying out the membership processes, loan procedures, and Housing Savings Fund processes.

4. Security and Privacy of Personal Data

Pursuant to article 12 of the PDP Law, our Organization takes all necessary technical and administrative measures to prevent the relevant personal data from being processed and accessed unlawfully, and to ensure an appropriate level of security for protecting the personal data. 

5. Deletion, Destruction and Anonymization of Personal Data

Pursuant to article 7 of the PDP Law, despite the fact that personal data is processed in accordance with the relevant legislation, personal data is deleted, destructed or anonymized by our Organization directly or upon the request of the data subject in case the reasons requiring the processing of personal data cease to exist. 

Procedures and methods related to this shall be carried out according to the PDP Law, as well as the secondary legislation to be established based on this Law.

6. Rights of the Member

Pursuant to article 11 of the PDP Law, you can apply to our Organization to make requests on the following related to your personal data:

a. Learning whether your personal data has been processed,

b. If processed, requesting information related to this, 

c. Learning the purpose of processing of the personal data and checking whether the personal data is used in accordance with the purpose, 

d. Learning about the third parties in domestic or at abroad where the personal data is transferred to,

e. If the Personal Data has been processed deficiently or erroneously, then requesting a correction of this and a notification to the third parties, which the personal data has been transferred to, to inform them about the procedure in this context,

f. In case the reasons requiring the processing of personal data cease to exist, then requesting the deletion, destruction or anonymization of the personal data, and requesting a notification to the third parties, which the personal data has been transferred to, to inform them about the procedure in this context,

g. Raising objection against any result to the detriment of the data subject by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automatic systems,

h. Demanding indemnification of the losses in case of incurring any loss due to unlawful processing of the personal data. 
Our Organization will fulfill your requests, arising from the PDP Law, through “Data Subject Application Form”.  Our Organization with conclude your application requests according to the nature of request and latest within 30 (thirty) days pursuant to article 13 of the PDP Law. If the request is rejected, then you will be notified in writing or electronically about the reason(s) of rejection. 

This Information Note may be revised by our Organization when considered as required. In case of any revision, you will be notified about the matter.