PVC-Stabilizer Sector

One of the most commonly-used thermoplastic products in the world is Polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Due to its nature, PVC is a material which cannot be turned into a final product without additives. One of the most important inputs required for the procession of PVC is stabilizer. Such additives play a decisive role in the manufacturing of PVC-based products, provide important features such as color consistency, resistance and surface smoothness and ensure that products can be processed under ideal conditions.

Annually, 45 million tons of PVC are consumed in the world and accordingly, the estimated stabilizer market is nearly 1,2 million tons. In Turkey, nearly 750 thousand tons of PVC are consumed per year and it is necessary to use nearly 26 thousand tons of stabilizer for the production of PVC at this volume.

OYAK and group companies together with the affiliated Akdeniz Kimya and Chemson Group are the largest global producer and have the largest market share in terms of the production of stabilizer and other additives which are the most indispensable inputs of the PVC industry. The additives produced by the group are used for the manufacturing of final products in several industrial areas such as building, construction, electric-electronic and automotive. Production of the stabilizers, the additive of products such as PVC based hard window and structural sections, pipes, cables and surface coatings available in the said sectors, is carried out by our group companies.

Akdeniz Kimya is one of the rare integrated corporations of the world which can produce calcium/zinc and lead-based intermediate raw materials for stabilizer and acrylic based PVC additive material by itself with an annual total capacity of 230 thousand tons. Akdeniz Kimya, the leading company for covering to the consumption of stabilizer in Turkey, also exports to over 100 countries in 5 continents.

The Austria-based Chemson Group, another group company engaging in activities in the same field, is one of the important players at global scale with an annual capacity exceeding 170 thousand tons and production facilities spread in 5 continents.

Specialty Alumina Sector

Specialty alumina, a non-metallic product applied in several industries, is obtained by subjecting alumina, which is used as the primary raw material for the production of aluminum metal, to a series of additional refining processes. Providing additional features such as heat resistance, mechanical stability, electrical insulation and abrasion resistance to the products where it is used as a raw material, specialty alumina is a raw material with critical importance in many sectors and production processes. Major areas of use for the specialty alumina are refractory production, ceramics and polishing industry.

Almatis Group, a group company of OYAK and a global player in the sector, is by far the global leader in the sector.

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