Cement Concrete Paper

Cement Concrete Paper


According to the data of Turkish Cement Manufacturers’ Association (TÇMB) for 2019, Turkey is the leader in Europe and is among the top six countries in the world in the cement industry, and there are currently 55 integrated cement plants in the country.

According to the data of TÇMB for the end of 2019, cement consumption decreased by 21% to 57 million tons compared to the previous year.

Operating in Turkey, Portugal and Cape Verde, OYAK Cement Concrete Paper Group is the market leader in these countries.

Continuing its operations in six plants and its sales in seven geographical regions as the capacity and market leader of the Turkish cement industry, OYAK Cement is a leading group improving the areas of use for cement and taking an active part in the domestic market with its efficiency, creativity and profitability principles. 

The process initiated by the end of 2019 regarding the merger of Adana Çimento, Bolu Çimento, Aslan Çimento, Ünye Çimento and Mardin Çimento, 5 public companies of OYAK Cement Concrete Paper Group, was completed as of May 2020 and the relevant companies were merged under Mardin Çimento and the company’s name changed into OYAK Çimento Fabrikaları A.Ş. The company's shares are traded in Borsa Istanbul.

On January 17, 2019, as a first in the Turkish cement sector to bring a brand new expansion and vision to the sector, OYAK Cement Concrete Paper Group acquired Portugal and Cape Verde operations of CIMPOR, one of the largest cement brands of Europe.  Reaching to an annual cement production capacity of 32.6 million tons in Turkey and at abroad, OYAK Cement Concrete Paper Group will continue to take strategic decisions in 2020 in becoming a global player on a global scale rather than being a regional power. 

In the Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises List of the Istanbul Chamber of Industry for 2020, which was prepared based on the data from 2019, Adana Çimento ranked 453rd in the production to sales category.

Concrete and Aggregate

Ready-mixed concrete is one of the most essential inputs of the construction sector and the developments in the construction sector directly affect the ready-mixed concrete sector. In this context, the growth rate of Turkey shows parallelism with the growth rate of construction and ready-mixed concrete sectors.

While Turkey ranks on top in the ready-mixed concrete in Europe, Turkey globally ranks third after China and the USA according to the data of Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association (THBB).

Within OYAK Çimento Fabrikaları, there are 39 ready-mixed concrete facilities in a wide geography covering the Mediterranean, Marmara, Black Sea, Central Anatolia and Aegean Regions.

Company produces aggregate, which affects both the quality and costs of concrete, through two aggregate pits owned by the company.

As the sector’s most powerful service provider, OYAK Çimento Fabrikaları is always preferred as a solution partner in the projects important for the Turkish economy, as well as in the branded housing projects.

Kraft Paper and Bag

According to the data of Turkey Cellulose and Paper Industry Foundation for the end of 2019, there are 53 factories producing paper and paper products in our country. The sector has a production capacity of 5.5 million tons and the amount of pulp obtained from recycled waste paper in the sector is 4.3 million tons.

According to the data of Turkey Cellulose and Paper Industry Foundation for 2018, Turkey ranks 20th in paper production and 16th in paper consumption in the world.

Our group company OYKA, which has the only integrated paper factory of Turkey, manufactures kraft paper and products made of kraft paper. Total capacity of the bag factory operating under OYKA is 220 million pieces/year, and the capacity of the integrated paper factory is 100.000 tons/year. In addition to kraft paper production, the facilities also produce bag for the food, cement, mining, construction chemicals and chemical products sectors.

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