Agriculture Animal Husbandry

Agriculture Animal Husbandry

Plant Protection, Plant Nutrition, Seed and Animal Health Drugs Sector

With an increasing importance every year, vegetable and animal production is one of the fields of activity of OYAK and its Group Companies.

In November 2019, the producer price index for agricultural products (Agricultural PPI) increased by 1.76% compared to the previous month, by 13.60% compared to December of last year, by 17.33% compared to the prior year period and by 22.82% according to the twelve-month average.

Agricultural product export is realized as US$ 23.4 billion as of the end of 2019.

With the motto of “Pioneer of Smart Agriculture”, HEKTAŞ, a OYAK Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Group company, has become the solution partner for the Turkish agricultural sector in sustainable agricultural production with its knowledge and products in plant protection, plant nutrition and animal health products.

The company produces, sells and markets more than 350 types of plant protection, plant nutrition, seed, animal health, pet food and pet care products.

Established the animal health department in 2005 and plant nutrition and seed departments in 2017 with the brand recognition, sector leadership, and the power provided by its extensive sales and distribution network as a result of its efforts in the agricultural industry for long years, Hektaş increasingly supports the agriculture in Turkey with its internationally recognized certificates and standards, modern production facilities, production capacity and abilities, strong infrastructure, logistics and technical service. As a pioneer in smart agricultural practices, the company continues its R&D studies on organomineral fertilizer production and seed improvement.

“Smart Agriculture on the Roads” events launched by Hektaş in 2018 in order to raise awareness of the growers, explain and demonstrate smart agriculture practices and enable them to compete with the world directly targeted the growers in the villages under the name of “Smart Agriculture at the Villages” in 2019. Acting with a sense of social responsibility, Hektaş traveled total 12,000 km in a year and reached directly to more than 10 thousand growers in 230 villages in 27 cities with the “Smart Agriculture at the Villages” event.

In the pesticides sector, Hektaş remained on top of the list with its superior performance as of the end of 2019.

In the Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises List of the Istanbul Chamber of Industry for 2020, which was prepared based on the data from 2019, Hektaş ranked 382nd in the production to sales category.

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