Managing Bodies

Managing Bodies

Representative Assembly
General Assembly
Board of Directors
Board of Audit
General Directorate

OYAK’s body with the widest participation is composed of the representatives from units and establishments of the Turkish Armed Forces, designated by their respective commanders or superiors from among the permanent members in those units that are currently employed in such units and establishments by considering the number of permanent members under the coordination of the Ministry of National Defense on the condition that their number is not less than 50 and more than 100. Every three years, the Representative Assembly examines the financial accounts of the previous 3 years and elects 20 regular and 10 substitute members of the General Assembly.

During its annual ordinary meetings, the General Assembly evaluates the annual activities of OYAK, discusses its activity reports, balance sheets and profit-loss accounts, and makes proposals on various subjects and renders decisions.

If deemed necessary, the General Assembly can also convene in an extraordinary session.

The General Assembly is composed of 20 members elected by the Representative Assembly and other legal member of law no. 205. 

It is the board that is responsible for the management of OYAK and the tenure of members lasts for 3 years. 3 members are elected by the General Assembly while the commission specified in the Law elects 4 members. The General Manager shall ex officio be a member of the Board of Directors and shall have the right to vote.

One member of the Board of Audit composed of 3 persons is elected by the General Assembly, one member by the President of the Court of Accounts and one member by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Banks Association of Turkey and their tenure lasts for 3 years.

The General Directorate conducts activities of the Institution within the scope of the strategies and policies of OYAK. Organization of the General Directorate, is composed of the General Manager and the Deputy Managing Directors whose number is determined depending on the need.