OYAK Human Resources

We believe that our key capital for a sustainable success is our human resource. We are looking for the ways to create maximum value in order to acquire, improve and retain the best talents by following the employee competencies required by the advancing technology and era. By understanding the different expectations of employees, we adapt our employer identity and business culture to these expectations and associate our human resources processes with the goal of providing the best service to our members.

Human resources business processes of all organizations that support achieving our strategic objectives are carried out with the OYAK Integrated Human Resources Management System. In the system where the OYAK Group Companies are considered as a whole and all processes are conducted with a single approach, all the Group human resources data are redesigned and digitalized under the OYAK Digital HR framework. Designed by the employees of OYAK Group Companies to manage human resources processes that have a support role in strategic decision-making by using the power of digital possibilities more effectively, efficiently and integrated, DigitalHR mobile app enables all employees to access HR systems more effectively, regardless of time and location

At the Army Solidarity Organization, with the awareness that our human resource is an innovative, creative and dynamic solution partner focusing on sustainable success, we continue with our investments for the personal and professional development of our employees through contemporary human resources practices.