The most successful example of complementary proffessional pension fund in Turkey

OYAK is the most successful example of complementary professional pension fund in Turkey.

OYAK is a complementary professional pension fund whose examples are quite common in developed economies and which was established so as to provide additional benefits to its members in case of retirement, death and invalidity. When compared to successful countries in terms of complementary pension funds such as the USA, Canada and Netherlands, OYAK is at the same level with these countries in terms of its contributions and services to the members.

OYAK sets an example for the development of other complementary occupational pension funds in Turkey with the highest number of members in Turkey and with its contributions and services to the members, and provides an additional contribution to its members independently from the Social Security Institution.

OYAK is subject to the Law No. 205.

OYAK is a legal entity which is subject to the provisions of private law within the framework of the Law No. 205 and is autonomous in terms of financial and administrative aspects.

Members of OYAK;

Members of OYAK include the members of the Turkish Armed Forces, the Gendarmerie General Command, the Coast Guard Command and the employees who would like to join therein on their own volition including the civilians as specified in the Law.

OYAK manages the savings of its members with the objective of profitability and efficiency.

OYAK manages all savings of its members according to the principles of profitability, efficiency and corporate investment.

OYAK also provides social services to its members.

While OYAK provides its members with pension benefit, pension and the benefits of demise and disability within the framework of the legislation, it also provides various services such as housing, lending, the Donation-Based Retirement Income System (BDEGS) and the Housing Savings Fund (KÖBF).

OYAK pays significant amounts of taxes together with its group companies.

OYAK is an institution that pays both indirect and direct taxes. The institution paid USD 2.0 billion of taxes together with its group companies in 2017.

OYAK is a member of Pensions Europe.

OYAK is a corporate supporter member of the organization called “Pensions Europe”, which performs activities aimed at providing a regulatory financial framework in order to ensure that the pension funds in Europe can offer sufficient, sustainable and more secure pension rights, since 2003.