Career in OYAK

Career in OYAK

As OYAK Group, we provide an increasing added value and contribute to the economic development with the employment we create with more than 31 thousand employees worldwide.

We believe that our key capital for a sustainable success is our human resource. We are looking for the ways to create maximum value in order to acquire, improve and retain the best talent by taking into consideration the employee competencies required by the advancing technology and era. We understand various employee expectations, and adapt our employer identity and business culture to these expectations.

With the awareness that our human resource is an innovative, creative and dynamic solution partner for our sustainable success, we continue with our investments for the personal and professional development of our employees through contemporary human resources practices.

At OYAK Group, we adapt the compensation and benefits of our employees to the global, local and sectoral market conditions. Regarding the salaries, it is essential that all OYAK Group companies carry out the job evaluations with a common methodology and determine the jobs within the scope of the given criteria.

We support our employees in improving their individual performances and we align the personal goals with the OYAK Group’s corporate performance goals.